Breaking: List of APC Rigging Centres Exposed!!!!!

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One thought on “Breaking: List of APC Rigging Centres Exposed!!!!!
  1. Bile Samaila

    There is also a plan to make cause a lot of invalids votes in the opposition strongholds. This can be done by polling agents, most of them with a blue jeans to disguise a liquid ink on the jeans pocket, while manually counting the votes, there hands would be touching the ink in the pocket from time to time in order to cause invalid votes.

    Another trick is to send bulk SMS messages to PDP strongholds purported from a PDP leader not to vote PDP…. already there is one going on the social media that Saraki urge Kwarans to give Buhari 90% of their votes.

    We also ask people to go to the voting centre with touch light or rechargeable lights peradventure the voting last through the night.

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